Thursday, December 17, 2015

No. 000100 Random #STLNFL Stadium thoughts

Some random thoughts on the #STLNFL Stadium:

  • Do they not teach new journalism in journalism school? Millions of words have been written or spoken but only Ray Hartmann has bothered to actually take any sort of a look at the likely motives or incentives of the principals. An Exercise in Political Futility? Again, great job Ray!

  • No law says journalists cannot take a hard look at potential graft and cronyism issues in the Saint Louis proposal. There are at least two, suggested by The Economist.

No journalist, however, has even given lip service to either of the following.

First, who exercised any control over the design process? Neither the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority nor the Governor nor the City have any expertise, skill, or knowledge in designing stadiums or surrounds.

Second, there was no competitive bidding for the project. The contractors were not selected as "lowest and best bidders after due opportunity for competition."

London is considering building an NFL stadium projected to cost only $600 millions (est). Spurs courting NFL