Saturday, September 20, 2014

What next for the United Kingdom? No. 000075

The biggest political news this week might have been the Independence for Scotland election. An insightful look is this new post: What next for the United Kingdom?

Within that essay is a paragraph showing how in many ways our Friends are much more politically sophisticated:

In the last days of the campaign the UK government promised further devolution for Scotland and protection for its current level of fiscal transfers (the so-called Barnett formula). The rest of the UK, notably the leadership of the Welsh assembly, reacted with some anger to this. Scotland currently receives more under the Barnett formula than Wales, which was particularly badly affected by the destruction of the UK's mining industry in the 1980s and 90s and remains depressed with high levels of unemployment to this day. 
The Barnett formula is default rule for allocating national government expenditures locally, on a per capita basis.

Missouri needs this debate for Saint Louis is over taxed, with the taxes its pays to the state being spent outstate, causing lower incomes, fewer jobs, and lower property values in Saint Louis.