Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No. 000067 To Investigate the incompetence of the Ferguson police. The best reason for an independent prosecutor

We expressed our agreement in Post No. 65 that the fault for all this mess lay, as explained by the Wall Street Journal, with the Tea Party politics of  Ferguson. Ferguson is a city of low taxes, forced to collect 25% of its revenue from traffic fines and court costs, limited poor quality government.

In the words of the Walls Street Journal:
"…policing in Ferguson has been a total failure."
Regardless  of whether Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch has sufficient emotional detachment to investigate Officer Wilson, he and his office, using the resources of the Saint Louis County Police Department, cannot be expected to investigate the total failure of the Ferguson Police Department that lead to #Ferguson and the death of #MikeBrown.

Saint Louis County police officers cannot investigate Ferguson police officers by day and stand with them shoulder to shoulder at night.