Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No. 000065 People--those Journalist buy ink by the barrel and paper by the rail car (and now it is free)

Ferguson now has a new front, an entirely separate war between journalists from around the World and the police.

This, too, is a war we cannot win. In 20 years these journalists are going to have a reunion with t-shirts reading, "Gassed and arrested in St. Louis." 

The leaders will give speeches and toasts on having guns pointed and waved in their faces.

They will recall, "Saint Louis, first time I was gassed."

They are not going to report on the beauty of a sunrise over The Arch or the laughter at the show at the Sea Lion Arena or an Italian Dinner at Cunetto's House of Pasta after driving down Elizabeth Avenue.

There are now 1000 or more of them here, most all with 40 or 50 year careers before them. 

They are not going to leave town as friends of Jay Nixon, who apparently has returned to his people at the Missouri State Fair, leaving them penned away from the action (but still being gassed and arrested).

They are going to be writing and talking about Saint Louis using free digital ink by the barrel and paper by the railcar for the rest of their professional lives.