Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ferguson and Al Gore: The most important video you can watch? No. 000070

Watch this video carefully but not for the reasons you might think, although this 25 minutes presentation may be the most useful single resource on the Internet.

Jeff Smith asks:

At 5:38 you will hear an Al Gore no one ever heard in his entire political career (Senator, Vice President and candidate for President).

Then watch Tony Robbins's explanation why.

Ferguson happened because neither Bill Clinton nor Al Gore were capable of speaking for Democrats.

In No. 000068 we went into the economic literature that explains there are no jobs for our citizens in Ferguson because they have been exported to China and Mexico.

Jeff Faux explains:

Nevertheless, Clinton and his Republican successor, George Bush II, then used the NAFTA template to design the World Trade Organization, more than a dozen bilateral trade treaties, and the deal that opened the American market to China -- which alone has cost the U.S. another net 2.7 million jobs. The result has been 20 years of relentless outsourcing of jobs and technology. 
He continues explaining that Clinton and Gore were providing access for foreign policy reasons (implicitly to raise the standard of living of the Chinese at the expense of America's middle and lower income workers)
Given this dismal history, why would a smart "liberal" Democratic president who says he cares about the middle class continue to plunge ahead with more NAFTA-type trade de-regulation? One explanation is that providing more access to the U.S. market for other countries is a way of shoring up the fading influence of the U.S. political class in world politics.