Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No. 000052 The Special Mendacity and Hypocrisy of Senator John Lamping and the Tea Party

The reason to Vote NO on 7 is simple. About a billion dollars in sales taxes will be collected in the Saint Louis region and spent in out-state Missouri, a form of tribute having very bad economic consequences for the Saint Louis region.

Taxes collected here but spent elsewhere will decrease St. Louis incomes, employment, and property values.

The taxes should be raised by a land tax or income tax and they should be spent in the Saint Louis region not on public transit for Jefferson City to Columbia

The treat about the Amendment 7 Debate is that it exposes the  Mendacity and Hypocrisy of Senator John Lamping and the Tea Party.

The thorough reader will recall that Senator John Lamping opposes Amendment 7 because it uses a regressive sales tax. 

Inquiring minds wonder why Senator Lamping never offered amendments for changing Amendment 7 from a sales to a land or income tax he could support as Senator.

The simple truth is that Senator Lamping was one of the most ineffective members in the history of the Missouri Senate.  He really did not get anything done or accomplished during his service.

As for the Tea Party and Tea Partier Hennessy, no the purpose of infrastructure spending in the City of Saint Louis is not to make your trips from "Wildwood to Scottrade and back any faster or safer." Our sprawl to Wildwood and beyond is a substantial reason why our region is no longer growing economically.

Mayor Slay properly wants to improve the livability of  the City to encourage in migration.

Last, that the Tea Party loves TEA is yet another distraction. If the Missouri General Assembly had control over Federal gasoline taxes, for sure those funds would not be returned to the Saint Louis region. The Missouri legislature is not going to spend Saint Louis taxes on Saint Louis and until we solve that problem giving the legislature more our our money to spend it not a step forward.