Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No. 000048 Economics for Charlie Brennan # 3 Simple Steps to Making St. Louis a World Class City

1. As you said Monday, “People come to St. Louis because of our schools.”

We are unique in the World. We are the only City in the World with light rail connecting our Airport, three major universities, downtown, and major suburban center (Clayton).

For the next 20 years spend 1/3rd of 1% of our State's GDP—$1 billion a year—on UMSL and SLU to make both, with Washington University, top 30 institutions of higher education in the World.

Make education at UMSL free to all Missouri citizens and free to the top 5% of students from the World.

Keep the General Assembly out of higher Education by creating the educational equivalent of the Missouri Department of Conservation complete with a dedicated source of funding not capped by Hancock.

2. Get our income and state taxes back from the State of Missouri. Put those resources in crime prevention and deterrence and good jobs with benefits.

It is Democratic Party imperative that the fit work.

3. Consolidate all our local cities and special purpose districts into a strong and robust regional government.

Doing such will: