Saturday, June 28, 2014

No. 000040 Senator John Lamping, How does the Tea Party Square its small government view with the coming Networked World?

Missouri State Senator John Lamping has my respect in a very important way. He will dialogue and read. 

He says he is a Tea Party advocate of small government.

If he would be so kind, I would appreciate hearing his views and answer about the following question.  He may send me a direct message on Twitter for my email address and I will post his answer.

Here is my question.

Senator Lamping, in X years (as soon as 5 as long as 15-20), and without picking any exact point or technology, there is pretty much universal agreement that technology is going to make the world a very different place.

First, due to the properties grouped under the concept of asymmetric warfare, it is generally agreed that bad people are going to be able to be a whole lot more effective at being bad. It is likely, for example, that an autonomous drone  can be launched hundreds of miles from an intended target of a crime, whether to deliver drugs or contraband or commit murder.

Second, the demands of driverless vehicles and drones are going to demand networks and standards on a scale never contemplated just 5 years ago. Given that driveless cars will save $1 trillion a year in the US now lost to auto accidents and insurance, we need early robust adoption.

Third, the Internet and coming Internet of things (and privacy) are going to present security challenges for the Internet or World Wide Web making todays problems child's play.

Fourth, there is going to need to be Worldwide authentication of the person. With whom am I doing business in India will be an ever more important question.

Fifth, the action going forward is going to be in super cities.

Sixth, big data is going to tackle the big data of health care, making it evidenced based (including real time monitoring of our health).

Last, robotics and automation is going to mean more change in the work place in the next 20 years than in all of human history.

In sum, independent of the death of the religious belief in markets, of what relevance will small government concept be to where technology will take all of us in the next 5 -20 years?