Thursday, June 26, 2014

No. 000033 The Jealousy of Representative Shawn Rhoads, Missouri House District 154 (Howell County)

This morning Representative Shawn Rhoads took to Twitter with a jealous complaint that Governor Jay Nixon was quickly traveling about the state by state owned aircraft to explain his veto messages of "Fridays Favors."

Thankless 4 hour drive

Representative Rhoads is from West Plains and it is a thankless and sometimes unsafe 4 hour drive for him to travel to Jefferson City for his legislative duties.

Complimented for such

While I strongly disagree with just about any point of view he may have on any issue I would be the very first to say his task in getting back and forth to the Capital is a thankless one and he should be complimented on the effort.

Envy and jealously of the Governor may Fly

I would ask, in turn, of him, some honesty. 

Admit that he is jealous of the Governor.

No objection to football coach flights

He did not attack to plane fights by coaches to recruit potentially star players.

No objection to corporate private jets or first class travel

He did not attack the business deduction for private jet or first flights by corporate executives, whose time is less valuable than the Governor's.

Right to see the Governor in person

The people of our State have a right to see and hear their elected officials in person. This is as true for Representative Rhoads as it is for the Governor or any other state official, as appropriate.

The fact of the matter is Representative Rhoads wants to have his cake and eat it too. He is unwilling to vote to reorganize the Legislature into just one house of limited powers with shorter sessions or to increase pay and per diem expenses or to take steps for more appropriate travel for its members. 

Mock austerity turtleneck

In sum, he wears his mock austerity turtleneck with pride. Having chosen to be miserable is his own making.

Governers flights cost each taxpayer 5 cents a year

As to the merits of his argument, it is a faux one.  The envied plane cost $6 million with a twenty year life. With over 6 million residents that costs each of us a nickel, 5 cents, a year.

Five cents for the opportunity to see and talk with your Governor, in person. 

Who know Democracy was so cheap. Thank you for Shawn Rhoads for reminding us how inexpensive government really is.