Sunday, June 22, 2014

No. 000030 More evidence that Tony Messenger is a radical who has to go

This morning we presented a small part of our case that Post Editor Tony Messenger is a radical who needs to go for he brings nothing to the table.

It didn't take long for more evidence to mount up.

Just hours after our post he was on Twitter advocating for a sales tax to raise a billion dollars on K-12 education:

This is just irresponsible. A billion here or there, soon you are talking about real money. 

But, seriously, Mr. Messenger, where is the newspaper story for this new sales tax?

On whom are you going to impose a billion dollars in new taxes? 

Are you going to tax our self-funding school districts that are already paying twice for education? 

Over what period of time will this billion dollars be raised and spent. Are you talking a billion a year, or two years or what?

Finally, on what are we going to spend a billion dollars? The evidence is persistent that merely sending Clayton's teachers to Normandy will not change the outcome in Normandy.

In sum, we need a better press corp. Write to the Post and demand one.