Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No. 000024 Homework for 2015 House and Senate Investigations of Why We Lost Iraq


To: Fellow followers of politics, regardless of party affiliation

Subject: Reading Assignments for 2015

Regardless of the outcome in Iraq, every American will have to agree that the outcome is going to be, in passive aggressive bureaucrat speak , "less than optimal."

Anticipating the Republicans prevail in the fall elections as projected by FiveThirtyEight, 2015 is going to feature a series of Investigations into government failure without parallel since the Pearl Harbor Attack Investigations during and after World War II.

If at all possible, go long on document scanning services in Washington. And, look for temp work for one or more of the Committees in reading all the documents that are surely going to have to pass from the Administration to the Congress.

Because many people are also reading about WWII, I am going to periodically post links to the various investigations and hearings.

Here is the first.

Investigation of the Pearl Harbor attack. Report of the Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor attack, Congress of the United States, pursuant of S. Con. Res. 27, 79th Congress, a concurrent resolution to investigate the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and events and circumstances relating thereto, and additional views of Mr. Keefe, together with Minority views of Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Brewster .. : United States. Congress. Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack

The careful reader will note that there will be a major difference between 2015's hearings and the Pearl Harbor hearings. Members of Congress during WWII knew how to ask questions. Read the questions by Keefe of General Marshall, especially at 266-K, -L.

The best thing going for the Administration looking forward to these hearings is that today's GOP lacks the skills to ask questions and is not about to turn conduct of the hearings over to counsel skilled at building a case through cross examination (a reason Clinton survived impeachment).

Those of you with inquiring minds will want to know, what did Hillary Clinton know and when did she know it for she will be the prey or quarry of any hearing.

Her ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, played a pivotal role in the Obama administration's 2010 formation of the Maliki government.

Ali Khedery, special assistant to Jeffrey and five other US Iraq ambassardors, yesterday wrote in a quest column on FP.

2. During the 2010 government formation negotiations, Ambassador James Jeffrey dispatched me on a secret trip to Jordan to meet with a council of Iraq's top Sunni leaders on his behalf, with a message that they needed to join Prime Minister Maliki's government. What was their response?  "We will join the government in Baghdad, but we will not allow Iraq to be ruled by Iran and its proxies. We will not live under a Shiite theocracy.  We will not continue to accept political, economic, and social marginalization under Maliki and the Dawa party.  The United States gave us assurances during the Awakening that they would stand with us if we turned our arms against al Qaeda and joined the political process.  We devastated al Qaeda alongside the U.S. Army; we participated in the elections; and we won.  We want our share in the New Iraq, not to be treated as second class citizens.  If this does not happen, we will take up arms again, and this time we will retake Baghdad or we will burn it to the ground."  Why is anyone back in Washington surprised that we have another Sunni insurgency after the genocide in Syria, after Maliki's humiliating power grabs, and after we abandoned the tribes who did indeed obliterate al Qaeda in Iraq?  Iraq's Sunni leaders literally warned us this was going to happen four years ago, and I relayed every detail directly back to the ambassador, the commanding generals, the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA, and the White House itself.  The leaders of Iraq's six million Sunnis pleaded with us not to force their hands, but we willingly did so after a protracted internal debate. The White House backed a Maliki cabinet knowing that it was personally formed in Tehran by General Qasem Soleimani, Iran's spymaster and a man responsible for thousands of Iraqi and American casualties. Then Washington sold F-16s, Apache attack helicopters, tanks, drones, and other advanced equipment to Baghdad after watching Maliki and the Iranians launch one vicious sectarian campaign after another, not only against the Sunni Arabs, but against Iraq's secular, moderate, and pro-American Kurds.
Clinton's response (can't we safely assume that Clinton monitors what Wiki says about her?):
Much of the handling of the Middle East, Iraq, and Iran was done by the White House or Pentagon during her tenure,[149] and on some other issues as well, policy-making was kept inside the White House among Obama's inner circle of advisors.
The real political drama could be delayed until 2016, for if the Republicans are smart they will want to create a Senate Committee lead by Cruz, Rand, and Rubio, giving each the unlimited opportunity to question both Clinton (upsetting her primary campaign efforts) and Kerry.