Sunday, June 8, 2014

No. 000009 The case for Voxsplaining the local news

Even the Columbia Journalism Review has come to realize the poor quality of state and local news coverage:

But this article isn’t really about taxes—it’s about the case for Voxsplaining state and local news.
A Voxsplainer, for the uninitiated, is an explainer in the style of, the new site launched by Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, Matt Yglesias & co. that aims to help readers “understand the news.” Vox’s techniques and its sensibility have their admirers and their detractors. But one of Vox’s goals—offering comprehensive, engaging online summaries of issues in the news so that curious people who don’t know the backstory and aren’t experts can figure out what the heck is happening and why—fits right in with the challenges I encountered as a reader with the privilege tax story in North Carolina.
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